Take it anywhere.

Pomo is the social media app you want. It works offline as a content drafting and content reader, and runs on any web-enabled platform, without the need to install. It connects to any and all existing open publishing platforms and social media services, so you can connect with friends across platforms. We don't believe anyone should be locked-in to a service.

Pomo allows movement

Be free!

As well as being free, open source, and using open standards, Pomo is built to support freedom of expression and freedom of movement. Your social circle is yours, and your data remains with you. You don't even need to connect to any of our services to get the most out of Pomo. It's your social content app, and is tailored for your life.

Pomo is freedom

Be anything.

The application enables you to subscribe to any content, anywhere, without having to subscribe to a specific platform or tool. It takes your content offline, but then enables you to write responses, and create your own content. Nobody sees your list, nobody gets to use your data.

Pomo gives you flexibility
Pomo is a highly portable and extensable content platform for you. It protects your data, and your identity so you can continue to connect to anyone without giving anything away.


Everything you subscribe to can be taken offline, anywhere. Whether you want to take your friend's articles on a flight, or you want to disconnect for a few hours as you write your next article. Once you reconnect, the app synchronizes content both ways.


We don't touch a single byte of data. The app is designed to protect you from everything and anything. By combining it with Naamio you can extend your content publishing, and even build dynamic applications, easily, whilst retaining privacy and your own data at every step.


Pomo is fully optimized for mobile devices, even offline. Take your content wherever you go, and draft ideas and thoughts offline until you're ready to publish. That includes general social updates, as well as fully comprehensive blogging articles.

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