Be free, be decentralized.

Naamio is a decentralized web platform, designed to enable you to scale your platform to suit your needs. It uses open standards for decentralization, enabling fully open integration with existing decentralized platforms. The APIs allow you to build extensions easily to support more functionality using the same decentralized core.

Naamio is decentralized

Stay social.

Utilizing the latest social web standards, Naamio can connect to all open social media platforms, simply and easily. You can own your own data, but remain as social as ever. Even better, you can be multilingual and multinational – easily – without sacrificing your own style.

Naamio is social

Express yourself in any language.

As well as supporting multilingual context easily, Naamio also supports any programming language, enabling developers to extend and create in whatever technology fits. The core remains the same, and the API enables extending through open APIs, or multi-lingual and cross platform Functions-as-a-Service.

Naamio supports languages
Naamio is light and fast - get your site live, online in a matter of minutes with full security and scalability as default.


We leave many optimizations up to implementation, but we understand image and file optimizations can be delicate and dependent on context. So we provide a just-in-time optimization module for images and files to support faster and more efficient rendering of assets. With caching as-standard, your applications get faster the more visits you get.


Our platform is fast and efficient. Compiled with optimizations, for the cloud and with asynchronicity throughout. This enables quicker responses and less roadblocks for extensions and third party integrations.

Blogging to Apps

The platform is not just for developing fast and scalable apps. It runs just as efficiently as a single, lightweight, personal blogging platform. With the same social integrations, and rapid tools for publishing.

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