Make it serverless.

Kauppa was built to support Functions-as-a-Service. This allows you to deploy a brand new, fully functional, stores with just a few lines of code, in any language you choose: Go, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Rust, and Swift are all supported.

Kauppa is serverless

Make it intelligent.

Kauppa integrates directly with our artificial intelligent store manager service, taking ecommerce analytics to a whole new level. With predictive modelling and a personal assistant to pro-actively manage inventory, shipping, and customer personalizations.

Kauppa is intelligent

Unlimited third-party extensions.

The platform is focused on providing fast and efficient storefront services. We have built an open API with open standards to support fast and easy extensions for any third-party integration, in any language, in any location. This includes adding payment and shipping providers. Or anything else you can imagine!

Unlimited third-party extensions
Kauppa is light and fast - create a storefront in seconds, with unlimited integrations and artificial intelligence.


Our ecommerce platform supports recurring payments, subscriptions, and personalized repeat sales options to enable more versatile and powerful customer engagement. The platform can adapt to customer preferences, evolving a subscription for each individual.


We provide a variety of encryption methods, cross-region mirroring, and key storage. We can't see the content of your files, or databases, ever, and we don't think anyone should. The artificial intelligent operators manage the keys for you, and are designed to detect illegitimate access.


We support cross-region deployment, multiple languages, multiple currencies, and cross-provider cluster orchestration. Indeed, you can deploy to AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean (default), GCE, and IBM Bluemix easily, and if you want to deploy to your own infrastructure, you can do that just as easily.

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