Make it serverless.

Naamio was built to support Functions-as-a-Service. This allows you to deploy a brand new, fully functional, custom web application with just a few lines of code, in any language you choose: Go, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Rust, and Swift are all supported.

Naamio is serverless

Make it intelligent.

Our infrastructure is managed with custom deep learning modules. Operators powered by neural networks enable predictive artificial intelligence-inspired management of networks, storage, compilation, and security to keep performance, scalability, and stability optimum.

Naamio is intelligent

Make it isomorphic.

Although we fully endorse the use of standard visual libraries, such as React and Vue, our platform is designed with isomorphic best practices in-mind. Our templating engine supports both server- and browser-based rendering so you can focus on what you want to build without sacrificing performance.

Naamio is isomorphic
the Naamio collective illustration
Naamio is light and fast - get your site live, online in a matter of minutes with full security and scalability as default.


We leave many optimizations up to implementation, but we understand image and file optimizations can be delicate and dependent on context. So we provide a just-in-time optimization module for images and files to support faster and more efficient rendering of assets. With caching as-standard, your applications get faster the more visits you get.


We provide a variety of encryption methods, cross-region mirroring, and key storage. We can't see the content of your files, or databases, ever, and we don't think anyone should. The artificial intelligent operators manage the keys for you, and are designed to detect illegitimate access.


We support cross-region deployment, multiple languages, multiple currencies, and cross-provider cluster orchestration. Indeed, you can deploy to AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean (default), and GCE easily, and if you want to deploy to your own infrastructure, you can do that just as easily.

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